“After a number of years in which educational trends favoured oral fluency over grammatical accuracy, it is encouraging to see a book and app which go right back to basics and make learning verbs less daunting and even easy.

At the end of the day, verb patterns are fundamental in order to gain linguistic precision and sophistication, and thus should not be regarded as a chore but as necessary elements to achieve competence in any given language.

The colour coding in the books makes for quick identification of tenses and the running stories provided by the pictures are an ideal mnemonic device in that they help students visualize each verb.

I would heartily recommend this fun verb book and app (with audio by a native speaker) for use with pupils in the early stages of learning and for later on in their school careers. It can be used for teaching but also, perhaps more importantly, as a tool for independent study.

This is a praiseworthy attempt to make verbs more easily accessible to every schoolboy and girl in the country.”

Dr. Josep-Lluis González Medina
Head of Spanish,
Eton College.